Relief work in times of distress

In times of distress, in extreme winter or a Covid-like calamity, TRF steps forward to mobilize relief work

Razai distribution, Gurgaon
Razai distribution, Gurgaon

Be it providing quilts to the homeless during Delhi NCR’s brutal winter, or food to the poor in times of calamity, The Restoring Force (TRF) has consistently stepped forward to support the poorest in our society. During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, TRF used its community radio Gurgaon Ki Awaaz to help migrant workers access ration supplies from the District Red Cross. Through its efforts nearly 2000 families were able to access rations during this time.

Every winter, in the National Capital Region, thousands of homeless and the poor are left to the mercy of the brutal cold without adequate blankets of quilts. With many having no shelter as well, the homeless are even more vulnerable. At this time The Restoring Force steps forward. In partnership with Adhikar Foundation, and with the financial contributions of a number of well-wishers, TRF distributed over 500 quilts in the winter of 2022-23.

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The Restoring Force (TRF) was founded in the year 1997 and registered under the Society Registration Act in 2001. Since then, TRF has been working relentlessly with the marginalized and excluded communities of Gurgaon and Rajasthan.