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Creating opportunities in education, livelihood and health for marginalised communities of India


Our Projects

Our current projects focus on well-recharge in drought-hit Rajasthan, non-formal schools for children of brick kiln workers in Rajasthan and community radio for local villagers and migrant workers in Gurgaon, Haryana

Our Partners & Doners

We have partnered with and received support from a range of multilateral agencies, UN agencies, NGOs, corporates and individuals for our work in education, livelihood, community media, natural resource management and health

Partner With Us

Partner with us to implement initiatives on the ground. Amplify an issue using our community media. Support our campaigns in health, education and livelihood. Volunteer your time and expertise on our community radio

The Well Recharge Project

"Restore a well, recharge a life"
In drought-prone Rajasthan, farmers are dependant on groundwater for their farming. With their wells drying up, farmers cannot sustain their families through farming. TRF, in partnership with Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj, has supported the building of rainwater harvesting structures in the fields of 8 farmers in the extremely arid region of Tonk district in Rajasthan. With their wells now flush with collected rainwater, farmers who were earlier only able to pump water into their fields for 90 minutes can now pump for almost 12 hours. This has been a major help in alleviating agrarian distress. More about well recharge project here

The Brick Kiln Schools

"Non-formal schools for the children of brick kiln workers"
The Brick Kiln School project works to ensure education for the children of migrant workers in the brick kilns of Chaksu, Rajasthan. These children, accompany their parents to the brick chambers and help their parents in their work. These children are given, often reluctantly, a four-hour window of education in their work-filled day and night. In partnership with Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj (KIGS), Jaipur, TRF is running 2 non-formal education centres in two brick kiln sites. TRF’s future plans include expanding this program to other brick kilns sites in the area. Six teachers have been posted in these schools. More about Brick kiln schools here

Community Radio

"Empowering communities through radio"
Hyper-local radio is a great tool for community-building, sharing information, building conversations, and celebrating local culture.It is often the only source of real-time information in times of emergency, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Connecting the local government to the city's residents, and vice versa, the radio station broadcasts 22 hours a day in Hindi and Haryanvi to over 5 lakh listeners. On air since November 2009 on 107.8 MHz FM channel, the station is a platform for the voices of over two million local villagers and migrant workers who live and work in Gurgaon. For more information visit Gurgaon Ki Awaaz website

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The Restoring Force (TRF) was founded in the year 1997 and registered under the Society Registration Act in 2001. Since then, TRF has been working relentlessly with the marginalized and excluded communities of Gurgaon and Rajasthan.